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Brewing equipment

Brewery copper tun

Beer brewery equipment

You are starting a brewery in a new or existing building?
You need standard or custom made equipment for your micro brewery or brewpub?
SBM will respond to your needs and requests. We offer beer making equipment in various sizes, levels of automation and finishes.
Below you will find the commercial brewing equipment crucial in and typical for a brewery.

Mashing tun and kettle

Mashing tuns & kettles

Separate or combined steam heated mashing tuns and kettles to fit your space and flexibility . (more)

Filter tun

Lauter tuns

Lauter tuns with or without the typical Belgian "lekbak" and other options to suit your needs. (more)



Unitank fermenters for fermenting and lagering with a unique design and executed in a superior quality. (more)

Beer filter

Beer filters

An array of different beer filtration options, to your specifications and desired volumes. (more)

Tax determination tank

Distribution tanks

Unique lined brewpub serving tanks or clear beer buffer tanks for industrial environments. (more)

Beer tower draft service

Serving systems

Everything you need for serving beer such as beer towers, drip trays, python lines,... (more)

Continue to the utilities for other brewery related materials and filling equipment.


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