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Brewery concept

Brewery concepts

Whether you plan to install a brewpub in a new or existing business, have plans to start bottling and distributing your own beers or are interested in our Belgian oriented brewpub restaurant and bar concept called Saint Sebastiaan™, SBM is the leader in the industry.


Integrating a brewery into a pub, restaurant, hotel, casino or resort will substantially increase your visibility and exposure toward the market. It is also a highly profitable investment. (more)


With the increased interest for specialty beers and “microbrews”, establishing your beer brand in the market through the startup of a microbrewery is becoming very interesting. SBM can assist with equipment for brewing, bottling and kegging your own brand and brewery concept. (more)

The Saint Sebastiaan™ concept

We have developed an operational brewpub restaurant concept and opened a pilot in Florida, USA. The brewery franchise concept includes building design, interior decoration, equipment, menu, computer systems, training manuals,… all ready to be implemented. (more)


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